Ken Lewis



ACADEMIC:       Diploma of Applied Chemistry (RMTC) 1958

                            Working knowledge of German language.



PROFESSIONAL:    Extensive experience with major Australian companies including Commonwealth Fertilizers, State Electricity Commission of Victoria, and twenty-eight years with Pacific Dunlop as Development Chemist (fifteen years), Patents and Technical Liaison Officer, Librarian (five years), Senior Textile Technologist (six years) and Physical Testing Laboratory Supervisor.


                            Experienced analyst of inorganic acids, superphosphate, brown coal, bauxite, synthetic/natural rubber products.  Experienced in  production and development of tyres, batteries, sporting goods, moulded products, textiles, synthetic foams, plastics, adhesives, etc.


                            Experience since 1988 as Technical Assistant to a patent attorney, including conducting patent, trade mark and design searches of printed and on line sources; administration of patent attorney office functions.