Julie Harkins




Registered Australian and New Zealand Patent Attorney since 1993.


Technical expertise: broad interests across the biological sciences.


Julie holds an Honours degree from Monash University in Microbiology, where she investigated the cloning and characterisation of a Clostridium perfringens chloramphenicol resistance gene. In her third year, Julie studied genetics and biochemistry as part of her primary degree in microbiology. She was also the recipient of a National Heart Foundation scholarship in which she studied cardiomyopathy in dogs. Julie worked as a research assistant in the area of plant physiology and plant tissue culture in the identification and culturing of saline resistant trees. After her Honours year, Julie worked as a microbiologist at the Rural Water Commission monitoring water supplies and detecting pathogens before entering the intellectual property field in 1987.


During her training to qualify as a Patent Attorney, Julie spent time with a London-based Attorney firm, gaining experience in European patent procedures.


Julie is primarily involved in advising on, drafting, prosecution and litigation of biotechnical, chemical and pharmaceutical patents. She has a particular interest in inventions involving genetically modified plants and probiotic food compositions.



NOTE   Julie operates her own patent attorneys practice:


Tasmanian Patent Services

95 North Huon Road

Ranelagh TAS 7109


T: +61 3 6264 3362

F: +61 3 6264 3360